Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wear a Helmet!

I've been getting into bicycling more and more lately, and expect that the warmer weather ahead will get a lot of people out on the roads and trails with their bikes for the first time this year.  I'm a fan of helmets, not for how dorky they make people look, but more for the practical reason of being an important part of cyclding safety. So today I want to direct readers of this blog to this post over at local blog Sweeter Salt. The author of Sweeter Salt had an unfortunate accident on her bicycle recently which resulted in fractured elbows (yikes!), but thankfully she is also pro-helmet and avoided any serious head injuries.

Some snippets from her story:

Basically the lock fell out of the basket and tangled in my front wheel, making it screech to a stop, tossing me over the handle bars. I landed on my hands, but banged my head on the ground. 
WEAR YOUR BIKE HELMET!!! Each and every single time you ride a bike. I don’t care if your hair looks cute – not an excuse. If I hadn’t been wearing mine I could have had brain damage. Seriously.
 Oh, and don’t have loose stuff hanging around. Secure your lock, don’t wear loose clothing, tie your shoes, etc. This all could have been avoided if I put my lock in my backpack.
Kudos to this local cyclist for sharing her story. Hopefully her pro-helmet message and bike safety tips are taken to heart by bicyclists of all ages and skill levels.


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